Kumar opens Concord Council campaign

I want to let all of you know that it is official that our race for Concord City Council is live. My Nomination Papers have been approved. The race is on. Please help me spread the message to win this election for all of you.
There are so many strategies to grow one’s business in our city, state, country and the Globe but no single strategy on sale to help the common people who are becoming more powerless, voiceless and helpless in our complicated world we live in.
I have been listening to people’s problems in my field for many years. Our system promotes symptom management in health, social and criminal system rather than helping the common person to understand the underlying issues and finding permanent solutions to our problems in our local community.
More rules and regulations we create in our city or state, more needs we create for enforcement of those rules, more money we spend on enforcement and less on family, community, and individual’s well being. I need your help to bring the basic issues of human sustainability to the forefront, otherwise, we will continue to laugh and someone who makes us laugh will go away by committing suicide due to depression and drug abuse like Robin Williams.
Let’s focus more on putting more balm on wounds of the common people.

We have role model like George Miller who has served our country for almost 40 years bringing the issues of “working people” to the forefront. We all know that the gap between haves and have not’s is growing all over the world and more so in this country. The middle class has shrunk to low class where people work two to three jobs and still not able to make their ends meet.

We need to pay attention that how can we spend billions of dollars on campaigns and arms for our defense but not on health care or poverty reduction and health promotion programs.

Let’s make a difference and be part of creating solutions for a better life!

 — with Harmesh Kumar.


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