Keep your hands off my home!

Just a reminder that the KELO case was heard before the Supreme Court one year ago this month.

According to the Castle Coalition: “Months later, the Supreme Court ruled in Kelo v. New London that private property could be seized through eminent domain on the mere promise of private commercial development. But the ruling has served more as a beginning than an end, igniting an unprecedented nationwide property rights revolt that continues to grow. More than 43 states are working towards eminent domain reform, with a handful having already passed legislation to curb the abuses the Kelo decision allows. Activists from around the country are standing up to tax-hungry governments and land-hungry developers, telling them “Hands off my home!” And Susette Kelo still lives in her little pink house alongside her neighbors, fighting day-by-day to remain in her dream home that was condemned for a private developer.”

Closer to home, the California Property Right Protection Act will soon go into signature collection mode. Get your pen handy. Hold a tea and invite your neighbors to sign up to regin in eminent domain abuse by local governments.