Contra Costa GOP picks Judge Tue Phan for CA-11 race

The campaign office of Ret. Judge Tue Phan is proud to announce that Judge Tue Phan has obtained the endorsement of the Central Committee of The Republican Party of Contra Costa as Party standard bearer candidate for the Congressional District 11th.

Judge Tue Phan will run as GOP candidate iin the race for the vacated Congressional District seat in CA-11The endorsement arrives at 7:30 pm on March 9, 2014 after an hour-long debate between two candidates, Virginia Fuller and Judge Tue Phan, at the meeting hall of Massimo Ristorante in Walnut Creek. Virginia Fuller ran in the 2010 and 2012 elections as a Republican. In 2012 she received 87,879 votes, about over 30% of the votes but lost to incumbent Democrat George Miller.

The debate was monitored by former two-term Congressman Bill Baker and covered the Affordable Care Act, Immigration reform, national spending, and unemployment. Following the debate, the Central Committee conducted a close-door deliberation and voted to endorse Judge Tue Phan as the Republican candidate.

After accepting and thanking the Central Committee for the endorsement, Judge Tue Phan praised Virginia Fuller for her articulate debate and her admirable strength in the last few campaigns.

Says Phan:

Why I am running for Congress

I am a retired immigration judge and a long-time resident of Contra Costa County. As someone who has benefited from America’s educational system and opportunities, I seek to strengthen our middle class, the backbone of our country. As someone who escaped from totalitarianism, I treasure our democracy and pledge to put our common good above partisan rancor and special interests. For these reasons, I am running for the 11th congressional district.
As a congressman, I will work to restore fiscal discipline, secure Social Security and Medicare, improve health care, invest in education, secure our borders and forge a humane immigration policy.
I am asking for the honor of your support. If you have any questions, please call me at 925-736-1071. Thank you.

You can visit the campaign website at

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  1. M. Sher says

    This candidacy is shocking. What is the GOP thinking? This man openly says he wants to represent the people of Viet Nam in the U.S. Congress. Huh? He is supposed to represent Americans.

    “I decided to retire so I could devote my time to run for the U.S. Congress. I have embraced this idea a long time ago because I believe that the free Vietnamese-Americans and the people of Vietnam should have a voice on the international forum; and at this time, the forum is the U.S. Congress.”

    This candidate believes in a weaker America, one country among many. That is clear from his statement about peace is created by a “balance of power.” “Balance of power” with whom or among whom?

    “I strongly believe the United States should maintain its leadership position in the world not only for the interest of America, but also to maintain peace by creating a balance of power in the world.”

    It’s surprising enough that the man is a liberal: pro-choice and in favor of weakening Second Amendment rights. But that pales in comparison to his open admission that he intends to represent the interests of Viet Nam as a United States Congressman. How could the GOP endorse this candidate? For the first time since understanding the malevolence that liberalism is, I actually want the Democratic candidate to win.

    • says

      You obviously are twisting Judge Tue Phan’s heartfelt words of gratitude for some self-serving purpose. I would think it a great achievement that the Vietamese community here and around the world can look to Judge Phan not only as a great example but as someone that can speak to their common interests. To conflate this a some Anti-American activity is juvenile.

      Your misunderstanding of foreign policy 101 is also breathtaking as even Kissinger and other foreign policy experts understand and use the term balance of power when explaining geopolitics. It has nothing to do with American weakness which can obviously be found elsewhere.

      I encourage you to look for the things in common that we can all work for instead of creating ludicrous accusations. You’re “I’m gonna take my ball and go home” threat to vote for the Democrat is your own business but sounds like sour grapes to me.