Is Dan Richards crazy, a crook, or both?

The decidedly left leaning California Majority Report and other Blue media is beside itself over the recent antics of Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards, a licensed hunter that actually kills (murders) game (gasp). What’s worse, Richards spoke truth to power in his descriptions of the Lt Governor Newsom and other “Eco-Terrorists” in the legislature (unforgivable). But wait, there’s more!

Dan Richards, California Fish and Game Commission, California Democratic Party, California Majority Report, FPPC complaint, late reportingIn addition to expressing his first and second Amendment rights, Richards also allegedly did not report a gift of a camping trip in the required time (outrageous). To wit the California Democratic Party filed a gotcha FPPC complaint against Richards and is screaming for his head to be mounted on the wall like the flea-infested moose at State Senator Mark DeSaulnier’s late T.R.’s Bar & Grill in Concord.

Sure, maybe Richards spent one too many nights in a duck blind, but the ruckus over the late report, while not insignificant, is the tail wagging the mountain lion, don’t you think?