Keep Your Family Safe, In More Ways Than One

Every kid who’s ever gone to school (and payed attention, mind you) can tell you that the Second Amendment to our United States’ Constitution is the right to bear arms to keep our families and homes safe. In fact the actual text of the Constitution states that a well regulated militia is necessary to maintain a free state, essentially saying that we not only can, but should have a way to defend ourselves and our freedoms.

However, despite how important defending ourselves from outside attack may be, we shouldn’t lose vigilance against an even greater threat, the accidental use or misuse of firearms and their safe storage in our homes.

It wasn’t too long ago that television was plastered with gun safety ads showing how easy it is for a young child to wander into his parents’ room and find the shoebox or pull open the dresser drawer where a firearm is kept and hidden. Even more worrisome is the possibility that a troubled teen might make the wrong decision and take his anger out on his classmates or teachers from stress or bullying.

There is an easy way to protect our families and neighbors from themselves and others, and that’s to show proper gun safety knowledge with gun safes and locking storage.

Gun safes are simple to use and come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your home’s space constraints and your storage needs, no matter what kind or how many firearms you own. You can get them from your local sporting goods or superstore, but you’ll usually be able to find the best pricing online if you shop around.

Every time I turn on the news at night, it seems like I see at least one story where a tragic situation could have been prevented by practicing proper gun safety. If you have a firearm in your home and you truly care about your family’s safety, investing in a locking storage is the best way to keep them safe.


  1. Common Tater says

    I agree that knowledge about gun safety is crucial to prevent tragic accidents.


    Very few home invasion criminals are willing to wait for you to spin the dial and unlock your gun safe to defend your home and family. “OK, in five minutes I’m going to be coming in. Get ready.”


    “I’m a burglar and I’m going to wait until you arm yourself before I start stealing things.”

    An unloaded gun is worthless and a gun in a safe is worth even less because you can’t even throw it a crook. Gun safes are sold and used to prevent theft of firearms when the homeowner is away. Their primary use is not for firearm safety.