Growing Opposition to AB 1934

Termed out State Assembly Member Lori Saldana, has introduced a bill that would further reduce the ability of law abiding Californians to carry a firearm for personal protection. The bill, AB 1934, would outlaw unloaded open carry in public places. AB 1934 has generated a considerable amount of opposition from gun-rights groups, including the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of California and the California Rifle and Pistol Association.

Now, the Republican Liberty Caucus of California, has joined the fight against Saldana hoping to lay AB 1934 to rest. The libertarian leaning Republican organization has an event scheduled today where members plan to exercise their 1st Amendment rights to protect what they recognize as every individuals “natural right of self-defense.”

Unlike the pro-gun groups, which for the most part view AB 1934 as an attack upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms, the RLCCA has taken a different approach. They actually cite Article 1, Section 1 of the California State Constitution under the Declaration of Rights:

“All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.”

Gary Clift, a Republican candidate for Congressional District 10, who’s campaign has been endorsed by the RLCCA spoke out against AB 1934, “This bill would only punish law abiding citizens of this state. Take it from a former law enforcement official, this legislation really couldn’t have come at a worse time. The state is looking to cut back public safety services due to budgetary constraints and other shortfalls. On top of that we’re releasing thousands of prison inmates back into society as a cost cutting measure. It’s insulting to the good people of California who would only be left with one less option to provide for their own personal protection. I hope to see AB 1934 defeated.”

From 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM today, the Republican Liberty Caucus is asking their supporters, fellow Republicans and Second Amendment advocates to stand with them and make a phone call to the Assembly Appropriations Committee to voice opposition to AB1934!

You can get more information here.

AB 1934 is scheduled for hearing at the State Capitol on Wednesday in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, room 4202 at 9:00 AM.


  1. Matt Tyrrell says

    The ban on Open Carry is idiotic – I understand that. But is the goal by publisizing and demonstrating Open Carry to one day have CC available to citizens of California? That would be my goal, as an unloaded gun is of little use when going up against a criminal. I would hope to see a change in the CC laws and availability in our State. I believe Concealed Carry is really the only option to protect our rights.

  2. Rick M says

    I am a sworn police officer for a city near Sacramento. I have no problem with law-abiding citizens wearing unloaded guns in plain view. However, it is hard to distinguish who is law abiding and who is not. Judgement cannot be made until an unlawful act is committed. However, I am one who believes that society is safer when law abiding citizens are allowed to carry weapons, concealed or in plain view. I can assure you that university studies have shown that “shall issue” cities and states have had decreasing crime since the laws were enacted. Fewer rapes, robberies, thefts etc. Bad guys do not know who is armed. When a law-abiding citizen is armed crimes are thwarted. This is not theory, but substantiated findings through various reports and studies. I urge everyone who is a reasonable person to oppose AB1934. Unfortunately our elected officials at the State Capitol do not think or reason with logic or rationale, but fear alone. I have been around guns since I was a child and never used them in an irresponsible manner or criminal manner. Guns are not bad, people are bad. Most are good and I have no problem with plain view carry. The only think I would require for loaded gun carry is a periodic certification to ensure that someone has not become disqualified such as mentally impaired, convicted of a serious crime or some other questionable activity. Call your state senator and voice your strong opposition to AB 1934.

  3. AH says

    This bill will cost us more money than we are anticipating. It will create a new class of crimminals even though open carry has never been shown to cause any public distress. I gave the committee police reports and letters from all over the bay area events I attended. There was a single call in 5 events to the police which the police advised they knew the event and never dispatched. If this goes into effect it will now create a new class of crimminals like those who own guns who live in school zones that ever take thier guns to the range.

    Is this really what we want. I get approached by people open carrying not ran from. Occationally I get an odd look but it is just a look. Those people never leave the area or panic with me but I am a female. I get lots of questions but never had any body panic ever.

    In education when you remove the innocent you empower the bullies, it is well documented with the department of education. If you remove the law abiding the crimminals will be the only ones who benefit. Why empower the crimminals? The same principle applies here.


    So whats the problem? Most of the people in la-la land have forgotten that they are the government. They are too lazy to either vote or learn the issues. They are brainwashed by the mass media and in their schools. So they keep electing the same old liberal idiots to office year after year. Glad I moved out of la-la land of the koolaid some time ago. Your government is supposed to be of the people, For The People and BY THE PEOPLE. GET IT? Your employees have taken over. How long would you keep your job and stay out of jail if you stole from your boss, lied constantly to your boss, refused to do your bosses bidding on the job, and did that which is not in your bosses best interest constantly? ENJOY SUCKERS.

  5. William A. Dennis Sr says

    I with everyone on seeing this bill put right where it should be put i.e in the trash ! It is a slap in the face as well and with all the cost cutting thats going on with city’s and state we need to protect our self . This bill would even place off duty police officer’s in big danger with all the bad guy’s that will be out doing what they know best we all know what that is .here where , I live due to the lack of police it takes up to 2 hrs for them to get to you . Now think a little here we are not the one’s that did all the cutting it’s the one’s in the state it’s not our fault you at the capital cant pass anything on time but your more than happy to cut why cant you all there work on something that need’s to worked on you all cant handle the stuff at hand dont need a new bill at all fix what’s broken first the damn state !!!!!

  6. Willis, Solano Co says

    This is the first I’ve heard of a ban. What in the hell are our elected reps doing? I made a call in. Hope it helps.