California bureaucracy dictates local land use planning

local land use planning

With very limited public awareness, unelected bureaucrats working for the State California are taking control of local land use planning in our communities. The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) says on its website: “State law recognizes the role local governments play in the supply and affordability of housing.” The website also says: […]

Imperialism in California dictates local planning decisions


A famous American, years ago, once said the following about a political opponent: “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” Today, when it comes to local planning, the same kind of oppression is occurring in Bay Area cities. Bureaucrats […]

Eve Phillips sworn in to Orinda City Council

Eve Phillips sworn in to Orinda City Council

Eve Phillips, the newly elected member of the Orinda City Council, was sworn in to a four-year term on Tuesday, December 2. Phillips, who was elected to the council on November 4, ran on a platform of preserving Orinda’s semi-rural environment, keeping quality in Orinda’s schools, and maintaining Orinda’s 35-foot height limit for buildings. For […]

Ride along with Concord Police on the “Night Owl” shift

Concord Police Night Stop

In the tradition of the classic TV drama Dragnet, “Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent” at the request of the Concord Police Department. It’s 7:55 pm on an early autumn Friday evening in Concord.  Dusk is turning into darkness.  Older […]

Jerry Brown’s budget optimism ignores California’s $200 billion unfunded liabilities

Jerry Brown, Steve Glazer

“California is back,” screamed Gov. Jerry Brown during his recent re-election campaign. California, the governor said, now has a budget surplus. The reality is quite different. Dan Walters, the dean of California newspaper columnists, sees things differently. In a November 18 column for his newspaper, The Sacramento Bee, Walters reported that in 2003 California had […]

How Catharine Baker won California’s 16th Assembly District race

Catharine Baker California 16th Assembly District representative

In the highly contested 16th Assembly District race between Democrat and Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, and political newcomer Republican Catharine Baker, it was expected to be a close election to be decided by a handful of votes. When all precincts reported, Baker trounced her opponent in Contra Costa County by a startling 42,599 to 36,589, while  gaining almost 54% […]

7 Reasons Pleasant Hill Should Reject Michael Harris


When asked to explain his record at a recent Pleasant Hill City Council candidate forum, 12-year-incumbent Michael Harris replied, “You know me.”   Posturing as everybody’s pal allows Harris to dodge scrutiny of his record.  Experienced politicians frequently employ tricks like these because they work.  They know that most voters are too busy to pay attention to what […]

Challengers push ahead of Orinda City Council incumbents

Orinda Grove Development in Orinda CA

Political upheaval may be coming to Orinda, according to two informal polls. The two polls show that incumbents running for re-election to the Orinda City Council are — by significant margins — trailing challengers. On election day, Tuesday, November 4, six candidates are vying for three seats on the council. Two incumbents are running as […]