Gioia Wrong in Attacking Tax Groups

Henry Alker, President of The Contra Costa County TaxPayers’ Association, in a letter to today’s Contra Costa Times (link expires), responded to Supervisor Gioa’s ridiculous claim concerning taxpayers to whom he is responsible (one would think). Quoted verbatim below:

“The Times recently quoted Board of Supervisors’ Chairman John Gioia on the county’s fiscal crisis: “Talk of a crisis is misleading,” he said. “All this talk plays into the hands of certain taxpayer groups who don’t think the county should be providing services at all.”

“As president of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association, I take exception. I have never heard our, or any other taxpayer group, say anything of that nature. Gioia should provide specific names and quotes before he makes such serious accusations.

“The county is in a fiscal crisis, and the recent downgrade of county bonds is evidence that the financial world is concerned. Gioia should note that it is the Board of Supervisors that:

” Has failed to balance the county budget for four years.

” Approved pension benefits the county cannot afford.

” Has not dealt with funding health care for retired county employees that will likely amount to more than a billion dollars

“The county provides essential services that range from law enforcement to health care. Gioia should focus on getting the county’s fiscal house in order to ensure that those services continue to be provided and stop unjustly attacking others.”