George Miller’s twisted Shutdown Survey

shutdown survey, george miller, government shutdownIn the PR war between the nation’s crushing debt and the Democrat Party’s propaganda war over a potential partial government shutdown (please, Lord), Congressman George Miller (CA-07), is asking constituents to take his twisted Shutdown Survey. The “survey” is pure Democrat cant that is nothing more than a travesty of leading questions, false choices, and hyper partisanship. It’s embarrassing that any Representative would attach their name to such a misleading stunt.

Question one doesn’t explain what compromise is or who should do it. Except for the GOP budget proposal how would we even know since Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi never produced a 2011 budget proposal.

Question two creates a false choice between spending cuts and the economy as if the government is the only source of new jobs.

Miller’s radical partisan behavior in question three simply pushes his sick agenda of spending 8x revenue by the federal government like it did in March.


See this hogwash at




  1. Kris says

    This was so bad, I actually looked to see if this was one of your April Fool’s jokes. Alas, it wasn’t.

  2. Wendy Lack says

    “It’s embarrassing that any Representative would attach their name to such a misleading stunt.”

    No surprise here. Miller developed immunity to embarrassment decades ago. No shame.

    Miller supporters deserve the FUBAR government that they get. Sadly, the rest of us must be dragged along — or choose to join the exodus out of CA or renounced our U.S. citizenship and go, er . . . to Mars?

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