Free Fantapper app helps fans connect with favorite athletes, celebs, musicians

fantapper, fantapper app enhances browsing, follow favorites fantapper, fantapper app, fantapper media, fantapper roster, fantapper celebrities athletes celebs musiciansThe free Fantapper app (full disclosure: see paid advert nearby) is a cool example of rapidly growing facet of the future of web browsing. There are a variety of apps that touch on this, including apps like Yelp, or Loopt, and other apps that enhance or “augment” web content with face recognition and location-based services. Fantapper, also available as an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, augments browsing by “augmenting” images on your browser, say Brett Favre, with a menu of apps that you can click on to view more content about the athlete or celebrity or musician on Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, or other branded content pages or apps from Sports Illustrated, CNN, Rolling Stone, who knows, or even TMZ. Here’s how it works.

Let me be the first to predict, politicians will be all over this app, so they too can be featured content on web pages.

Download Fantapper and install it on your computer. Then start browsing. To see how it works go to a known fan page or news site like, or People and start mousing over some of the images. You’re likely to see the red Fantapper animation appear over some of the images on the page. Click on the Fantapper logo and a window opens containing the image and a sliding menu of apps that also feature content about Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, or your favorite footbal stars and other atheletes.

Fantapper helps fans stay connected with their favorites

Just as interesting is the whole business of getting your stable of celebs hooked into the system so they can be automatically tagged so fantapper can be activated on a huge number of pages across the Internet and build exposure for talent within a growing l;ibrary of apps, as well. See Brand Affinity Technologies to learn more how it works with celebs and brands to embed their messaging into apps. The BAT platform links celebs with content providers. You too, EVEN CANDIDATES, can sign up.

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