Forget drones; check out the Kuratas

Forget Drones. Here’s Robo-Cop tech for police and sheriff departments across the country just in time for the next round of senseless and destructive Occupy protests coming later this Summer leading up to the November election. Check out the Kuratas; a human-controlled robot, standing at 13 feet tall, weighing over 4.5 tons (9,900 pounds). Options include a Gatling gun (controlled by a smile) that shoots BBs and a not terribly accurate water bottle launchers.

The Kuratas can be operated either by climbing into a cockpit or with an iPhone app, or slaved to a remote hand-held controller. And this is where you’ll want to be sitting down: you can customize and purchase your own Kuratas, for a mere $1.35 million. See the over-the-top demo clip below.