End the Fed demonstration in Berkeley as part of nationwide rally, Nov 22

Nov 22, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., citizens across the country will rally to END THE FED. Locally, citizens will be gather to demonstrate and hang banners at the I-80 Freedom Overpass. The pedestrian/bike bridge is located at the University exit in Berkeley that leads to the Berkeley Marina. See local MEETUP info.

Is J.P. Morgan preferable to Ben Bernanke? Ron Paul and hundreds of thousands of Americans seem to think so, and aim to, “disempower the secretive cartel of powerful money managers who exercise disproportionate influence over the conduct of public policy.”

This is a national rally planned for 38 cities where Federal Reserve offices are located. Check the listing for action nearest you.


  1. Concord Mike says

    Sorry folks, the Fed is not the problem. The Fed is not a part of some sinister conspiracy. Almost every developed country in the world has a function equivalent to the Federal Reserve. Uncle Ben is one of the few intelligent adults in Washington – seriously.

    The problem is Congress and our state legislature. The best politicians money can buy.