El Puente presentation Feb 27, to discuss local church partnerships in Monument Community

On February 27, El Puente, a local, grass roots community development mission that helps build build partnerships between local churches and neighborhoods in Concord, will hold an informational night for churches, families and businesses—anyone and everyone—interested in working with the Monument Community in some way or another. The presentation will be held at Parkhaven Baptist Church, located at 1187 Meadow Lane, in Concord CA, from 7-9 p.m.

El Puente is led by led by former Young Life Area Director Pat Noonan. Pastor Tom Patitucci of Hope Center and Justin McRoberts of Shelter Covenant Church, are also participating and helping to get the word out in the community.

The event at Parkhaven Baptist Church is located in the heart of the neighborhood. El Puente and area pastors hope to explain and encourage the broader community to get on the “Bridge into the Community”, El Puente.

Speakers will relate how people have already made connections. and share a vision of how local churches are beginning to form missional communities by connecting in schools and/or apartment complexes. Please come and invite others who might be interested. For more information, contact Pat Noonan, or call Pat at 925-708-0761.

A Bridge in the Community
Community Meeting
Monday February 27. 7-9pm
Parkhaven Baptist Church
1187 Meadow Lane