1. Disillusioned Mousek says

    I can't believe someone actually read the entire book. The first chapter that Del Beccaro has on his own website is so dreadful you are to be congratulated – I think – on being able to get through it. Given Del Beccaro's huge ego and even larger temper, nobody must have been willing to tell him the truth. That is unfortunate.

    Excellent and thorough review. Too bad you had to waste your time on THAT book.

    ~ editor says: apparently the book was going to be called "how to stay ahead" or some such, back in December 06. But I guess one actually has to be ahead to stay ahead.

    Looks like poor Stephen Frank is a Del Beccaro thrall and will gush like a school girl at anything TDB says.

  2. PH Republican says

    It's a shame that the county republican central committee fiddled while coddling Del Beccaro as he produced this horrid book and pranced around the state promoting it to his own benefit while contra costa county finances burned. To think Del Beccaro is the #2 republican in the state party is past embarrassing.