DeSaulnier pushes BOS to oppose Prop 75

lambchop the union sock puppetSupervisor DeSaulnier has placed an item on this coming Tuesday’s Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors meeting. He urges that august body… which, by the way, has driven the county to the brink of bankruptcy with overly generous health and retirement benefits to the union goons… to take a position against Prop 75. Prop 75 simply would make public employee unions get annual permission from members before unions can use dues for political purposes.

Note the shrill, partisan, inflammatory and inaccurate description of Prop 75 provided in the agenda item:

“Proposition 75 represents a partisan attempt to silence the voice of public employees. It makes it impossible for them to articulate their concerns on significant matters ofpublic health and safety. This measure does not protect workers’ rights. It removes them. Laws already exist which determine the proper use of union dues and fees. Proposition 75 places restrictions on labor unions while allowing the political influence of large corporations to go unfettered.”

I truly don’t believe DeSaulnier wrote this. I think he took dictation.


  1. Editor says

    His Jesuit education would have taught him that correct grammar would have used "that" instead of "which" in the 5th sentence. A true giveaway that someone not educated at Holy Cross penned the rant.