Delta Vision Foundation urges immediate drought relief action

The politics of California Water rages over the proposed Delta Tunnels and the recent drought (not caused by Global Warming) has caused real water shortages that effects many more than well-manicured lawns in Marin. Real drought relief action is needed now, says Delta Vision.

While not part of the Delta Vision analysis, California’s Water storage infrastructure is woefully inadequate, e.g see “Drought Stokes California Class War.” The lack of common sense oversight by regulators driven by demands of special interest groups has escalated the need for immediate drought relief action.

Below find a “Statement from Delta Vision Foundation on Immediate Drought Relief Action”

The Delta Vision Foundation (DVF) urges the State of California and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to reach agreement immediately on an Emergency Order to allow increased pumping to capture needed water for agriculture, industry and communities south of the Delta during this drought.

The mission of the DVF is to promote progress towards the Two Co-Equal Goals in the Delta Vision Strategic Plan to: (1) Restore the Delta Ecosystem; and (b) Ensure Water Supply Reliability. The DVF understands that the most important part of fish habitat is water and we’ve strongly advocated for more water at the right time at the right temperature for the fish in the Delta. Further, we recognize that the Delta should be managed first and foremost as a multi-species Ecosystem with the highest priority action being more water for fish when needed. Thus, we also have urged construction of sufficient additional storage and conveyance infrastructure in order to capture and save more water when it is in abundance in order to leave more water in the Delta Ecosystem when the fish need it most, especially during dry years.

However, in order to improve Water Supply Reliability, it is necessary to export more water when there are high levels of water outflow in the Bay-Delta Ecosystem. Unfortunately, regulators missed the opportunity to do that during the last series of big storms. They need to be prepared to act when the next big outflows occur in the near future. During this severe drought, emergency actions are appropriate.Below fint eh Statement from Delta Vision Foundation on Immediate Drought Relief Action

The Delta Vision Foundation (DVF) was established by former members of the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force, the independent body convened under Governor’s Executive Order S-17-06. The mission of DVF is to encourage implementation and progress by the State of California toward achieving the Two Co-Equal Goals as defined in the Delta Vision Strategic Plan: (1) Restore the Delta Ecosystem; and (2) Ensure Water Supply Reliability. DVF monitors, evaluates, and provides information to government officials, policymakers, and the public about implementing the Delta Vision Strategic Plan recommendations as a set of integrated and linked actions and participates in policy processes, but takes no formal position on legislation.

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  1. Samantha says

    That is an interesting thought, I hope the drought delays the tunneling even more so.

  2. Chuck says

    I get frustrated when I see this and know that Gov MoonBeam wants to tunnel the water out. Are the dams actually a pre cursor to the tunnels ? Put dams in first before the tunnels to control salinity ? Watch out for these sneaky politicians. They are not trustworthy lately.