County GOP should copy Democrats

As I have stated and chronicled many times, that since reaching its zenith of power and influence from 1994-1996, Contra Costa Republicans have been in a steady decline for the last thirteen years.

What is needed now is real change. The Contra Costa Republican Central Committee will never change. It is not worth the effort to blow it up. Let this house of bad hair ideologues go their own way and die on the vine. 

What is needed are more decentralized centers of power. The Local Democrats have an interesting organizational set up. They have a central committee, but they also have several key clubs and organizations that have spawned victories.

Look down in the Tri Valley and there are organizations including the Tri Valley and San Ramon Valley Democratic Clubs that have spawned Congressman Jerry McNerney and Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan to run Republicans out of  their last Bay Area stronghold where they once held partisan, statewide office.

tom-del-beccaroMy point here is, that for too long Contra Costa Republicans have been held hostage by their central committee, yet you can be a successful candidate or activist without the bad hair crowd at the central committee.

If there were several key Republican organizations (no offence to the local GOP women’s clubs listed on the central committee website) other than the Central Committee, they would have to be more relevant to Republicans who care about winning elections.

Yes the Central committee would still have its life line to the California Republican Party—and they can have it—but if there were a couple of regional clubs that could raise real money and volunteers that now go to the Contra Costa Republican Central committee, then the wackos would be forced to compete based on their merits and organizational skills and lose their monopoly of power.