Contra Costa Ron Paul 2012 Monthly Meetup

The Contra Costa Ron Paul 2012 Monthly Meetup meets on the FOURTH THURSDAY of every month, beginning at 6:00 p.m., at Peet’s Coffee, located at 435 Railroad Avenue, Danville, CA. (map)


1) Spread Ron Paul’s liberty message as far and wide as possible during the presidential campaign in 2012

2) Help Ron Paul win the Presidency

Discussion of local activities:


1) Discuss the importance of the Ames Straw Poll

– How to spread the word.

– Facebook groups/ Meetup Groups / C4L

– Keep the focus on the Ames straw poll in Ron Paul Forums/Dailypaul/facebook

2) phonebanking platform is ready

– Organizing phone banks
– Need space, need phones & computers w/ Internet

3) Discuss other local activities

4) Q&A