Contra Costa local election 2008 results

It was a long night for Steve Weir and company as Contra Costa voter turnout was 70.34%! Here are some of the interesting results. Miller, Tauscher, DeSaulnier, Hancock, Torlakson, Shinn, Peterson; change we can believe in. In AD-15, Buchanan’s victory wipes out Republicans in Bay Area. Glover survived Agopian challenge for Supervisor (D-5). Eberhart and Whitmarsh gives MDUSD a new anti-McHenry majority. The Piepho gang in Disco Bay took a beating from Simon and Tetreault. Incumbents Murray and Swearingen trounced Alegria’s comeback in Pinole. In Antioch, Jim Davis edged local legend Don Freitas for Mayor, while incumbent Simonsen came up short against Rocha and Kalinowski. CORRECTION Anderson wins seat on Danville Council along with Arnerich and Doyle. Martinez: Ross, Kennedy. Butt, Bates, and Ritterman survived Richmond’s City Council Cage Match as incumbents Marquez and Sandhu were shown the door; challenger Booze came up 1-pt short. For more details check the County Election Site and say thanks to Steve Weir.