Contra Costa Libraries circulation nears 5 million

Contra Costa County’s Library System’s circulation numbers will pass the 5 million mark this week according to county estimates. The circulation mark of 5 million is significant for a library with 455,607 borrowers. With little more than 19,000 checkouts left to go, and an average of approximately 14,500 checkouts per day, that comes to 12 checkouts per month per card holder using 25 community libraries, including a satellite checkout at Monument Futures and Internet borrowing.

Track the Library’s progress at its Internet Countdown at A public celebration of this milestone and a launch of the Contra Costa County Library’s Summer Reading program will take place in mid June.


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    FY 2006-7 Budget for Library I THINK was $28-MM spent $4-MM more than revenue. So that would mean $5.6/pc checked out in 2006-07 and 80-cents per pc deficit. I have no idea how that may compare to other systems.