Congress to Obama…Yes You Can!

Toughness and decisiveness in foreign policy have not exactly been hallmarks of Barack Obama’s presidency. By making a clumsy pronouncements about retaliating against the Syrian government for its use of chemical weapons against that nation’s own people. Now Mr. Obama, now showing hesitation appears to be a weak president before the entire world. Moreover, he will be seen as the leader of a weak America.

To provide an imprimatur for an American attack on Syria, the President has asked Congress to give him the authority for a military strike against Syria.

If Congress fails to support the president, Obama’s — and America’s — prestige around the world will collapse, giving strength to such anti-America nations as Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

President Obama has a virulent enemy: radical Islam.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 marked the beginning of a strong, anti-American, pro-Islamic fundamentalist movement — a movement composed of terrorist radicals who have brought death and destruction to America and other nations.

Congress realizes that Syria is not a driving force of radical Islam.

However, Congress knows that Iran, which is on the verge of becoming a nuclear nation, can alter the balance of power in the Middle East, forcing such anti-Iranian nations as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Jordan into the Iranian orbit.

Thus, Congress will give Mr. Obama to power to strike Syria because action against that Middle Eastern dictatorship will send a signal to Iran to abandon its nuclear program or face a far more serious threat from an antagonistic America.

Congress does not want to be accused of turning America into a weak nation.