Conference: Fight Human Trafficking in the Bay Area, May 2-4

Human Trafficking —slavery— is a $32 billion industry worldwide. California is one of the top three areas in the United States, while the Bay Area is one of the top three destinations for trafficking and abuse in the State. This cannot stand. The FIGHT Human Trafficking in the Bay Area Conference will be held at Mt Hermon Conference Center near Santa Cruz, May 2-4. Churches, government agencies, and social service organizations should send representatives. REGISTER. LEARN MORE.


Human trafficking is an evil in this world. An evil that preys on the defenseless; on those who can’t fight for themselves. This evil is pervasive, it’s persistent and it crashes on the shores of our cities and towns with the relentlessness of a rising tide.

Recognizing this evil and making the decision to do something about it are two different things. As Christ followers we can no longer turn a blind eye. A huge opportunity lies before us. It’s time to act. But more than that…

It’s time to FIGHT.

The mission of the FIGHT conference is to defeat human trafficking by empowering people and mobilizing the Church.

Join us as we bring together a network of dedicated individuals in the Central California area who are committed to fighting modern-day slavery. Whether you are just learning about human trafficking or are already passionately engaged in the fight, come for three days of training, teaching, networking, and refreshment.

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