Concord passes budget with $5.3M hole in it

concord budget deficit, concord november tax measure, concord cuts in city servicesConcord City Council is out looking for a co-signor after it passed its 2010-11 budget Tuesday with a deficit of $5.3 million. Council pared about $7.7 million deficit with cuts in city services, concessions from employees, including the police, and extension of previous concessions including furlough days. Still, the City will still need to find $5.3 million in service cuts or additional revenue to achieve a balanced budget that does not rely on reserves. Is a City tax measure headed toward the November ballot?

Claycord reports that at the end of the Concord City Council meeting, Mayor Guy Bjerke announced he wants city staff to research a temporary tax for all Concord residents on the November ballot.

But, according to Concord City Manager Dan Keen,

At the previous direction of the City Council, staff has been researching the feasibility of an emergency revenue measure to address the remaining budget deficit of approximately $5.3 million. At the Council meeting this week, we were directed to bring this research forward in July so that the City Council can make a decision on this issue.

Staff is actively conducting this research right now, including outreach to many segments of Concord to garner feedback and reactions to the budget deficit and the possible placement of an emergency revenue measure before the voters in November.

Until the Council makes a decision, it would not be accurate to say we are “preparing” a tax measure for November. But we are clearly studying the feasibility of such a measure, and I expect the Council will make a decision by the end of July.