Concord Measure Q sales tax receipts on track

Concord Assistant City Manager Valerie Barone, reports that 1st quarter (Apr-Jun) revenues from the Measure Q sales tax passed November 2010, were $2.14 million. This number jibes with the City Finance Director’s $8 million per yr estimate, or $2M per QTR. Some of the money goes to restore the City’s reserve while the majority goes to maintaining staffing and program levels.


The poster of this article and editor and publisher of this blog Bill Gram-Reefer, is a member of the Concord Measure Q Oversight Committee and any opinion expressed therein does not represent in any way, the views of the City of Concord or the Measure Q Oversight Committee.


  1. lars54 says

    I was reading Concord’s Police Chief makes more than than the Elected County Sheriff. The county Sheriff supervises many more officers, and the county has a much larger funding base. I think Concord is overpaying our Police Chief. Police Chief up and down state are being paid wages that are ludicrously high, and when they retire they get a pension that would choke an elephant. Indeed, pensions are so high Police Chiefs tend to work no more than a couple of years now and then they “retire”. Actually, they don’t retire often, they just move over to another PD as Chief Ace did. I think the days of bloated public management salaries and pensions are coming to end, the money isn’t there anymore, never was there actually. I’d like to see Concord become trendsetter by cutting bloated management salaries and pensions.