Concord Disposal adds new split-body, natural gas-powered vehichles

Concord Disposal
Service is introducing a new concept in collecting recycling and trash as part of its continuing effort to increase efficiency and decrease the company’s environmental footprint.

Concord Disposal adds new ,natural gas powered trucks

Concord Disposal adds new ,natural gas powered trucks that handle both recycling and garbage.

These new state-of-the-art trucks are split body, meaning there are two (2) compartments: one for recycling and one for garbage. This type of truck helps reduce the number of trucks driving through Concord’s neighborhoods. Now there will be one truck for your garbage and recycling and another for your yard waste. Some of the benefits of a split body are less emissions and less wear and tear on the roads. This is the second phase in Concord Disposal’s effort to replace its entire fleet.

In addition to the split body, the new collection trucks are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG trucks emit less greenhouse gas and their engines are quieter than the older diesel trucks.

“Being a good environmental steward, as well as cutting down on residential noise and wear and tear on neighborhood streets, are top priorities for Concord Disposal,” said Joe Garaventa, CEO of Garaventa Enterprises. “We value our Concord customers and are looking forward to getting our new trucks out on the road.”

Concord Disposal Service, a Garaventa Company, is the local recycling and garbage company in the City of Concord, and has served the needs of Concord residents for over 75 years. The Garaventa Company also owns and operates Mt. Diablo Recycling in Pittsburg – one of the largest state-of-the-art recycling facilities in Northern California.