Concord-Diablo Rotary discusses Google+ for Business

Thanks to the Concord Diablo Rotary for inviting me to speak to them today during their luncheon meeting at the Crowne Plaza. I got to chat briefly with the audience about the Apple win against Samsung patent violations (Pro). I also discussed Google+ for Business. See an infographic at Chris Brogan’s site. You can also follow Google’s own feed about how to use its social platform in your business.


  1. Virginia Thomas says

    Thank you Bill for the information on Google+. The concept is great with the indexing feature!

  2. says

    Thanks go to Bill for addressing our club. He provided a bunch of info on the Google+ for business and how it can increase your business’s profile on Google Searches which does not happen with a Facebook entry.

    The discussion on the recent Samsung-Apple fight was also interesting with the prospect of trying to define how close is too close in a design.