Concord Candidates line up

It looks like the race for three Concord City Council seats will draw a crowd this Fall. According to Mary Rae Lehman, Concord City Clerk, three residents, Dr. Harmesh Kumar, Michael Chavez, and Darren Nielson have each “pulled” candidacy papers. It is assumed that incumbents Helen Allen and Laura Hoffmeister will stand for re-election, while Mayor Bonilla will vacate her seat to serve as District IV County Supervisor, begininng January 2007.

It is also rumored that Chuck Carpenter and Harmon West will also run again as they did in 2002 and 2004, respectively. More may yet raise their hand, while those who already have taken papers, may yet choose not to mount a campaign. More about each of these candidates as they care to admit. In other Concord election news, Incumbent Tom Wentling, has taken papers as prelim to his running again for City Treasurer.