Cindy Sheehan to announce campaign for California Governor

Cindy SHeehan for California GovernorCindy Sheehan is running for Governor of California. Her formal announcement will be made in a few weeks, but the campaign team is being put together now. A very few of the specialized positions may be compensated, but basically everyone involved in the campaign will be donating their labor. Can you help?

If you can write, edit, speak to people on the telephone, participate in social media activities, register voters, pass out leaflets, raise money, or organize campaign coffees, here is what you need to do to get involved in Cindy’s campaign: Send a message, with your full contact information (name and address, phone, and e-mail), to Andy Conn, Cindy’s campaign manager. Tell him a little about yourself, especially your experience and what kind of campaign work you can do. If you attend school or college (or teach at one) tell him which one. If you are involved in any organizations, let him know which ones. This all helps him in the planning. And let him know if you are available for a few hours here and there, or any larger blocks of time.

To reach Andy Conn, write to him at [email protected], or call him at (530) 906-8077