CC Times endorses Candace Andersen for Supervisor

Contra Costa Times, endorses Candace Anderson, Tomi Van de Brooke, democrat machineThe Contra Costa Times today endorsed Candace Andersen for Supervisor. We do too.

I can’t believe that Andersen’s opponent Tomi Van de Brooke, advocates increasing county employee compensation (and pension costs); especially based on whacky inflationary salary surveys that only cost taxpayers more and more. Talk about a tin ear and ruinous, hamfisted, pro-union favoritism and obeisance to the Democrat Party machine in this county that has done nothing but help create the budget crisis we face in California and Contra Costa.

Van de Brooke’s appeal to abortion supporters by making County funding for Planned Parenthood a campaign focus is more than puzzling. And the media complain about the Tea Party getting derailed on social issues.


  1. nO nEPO mAN says

    I also endorse Candace,

    Yes for Candace and a better Contra Costa County