Ballot arguments against Acalanes School Tax Measure A

Acalanes school tax measure A

Acalanes School Tax Measure A purports to Measure A will protect over $3,900,000 annually in local education funding without raising taxes. In fact it is an extension of an earlier tax which is extended with no sunset. See recent coverage about the Acalanes School Tax Measure A by frequent contributor Richard Colman, of Orinda. Frquent […]

Activist blames Los Angeles earthquakes on fracking in California

fracking in california

After a series of earthquakes and aftershocks hit the Los Angeles Area in March, CREDO, a progressive organization working to halt fracking in California. In the meantime, the political theater is timed to promote SB-1132 ahead of a California Assembly Committee vote to halt fracking in California. Introduced in March, by State Senators Mitchell and […]

Cause of the Pause in Global Warming is no mystery


While the consensus, if there ever really was one, that the apocalypse of man-made global warming was settled science has served to fool the masses and media for two decades now, it has become clear that there is no settled science. Even alarmists offer half a dozen or more theories settled science?). Yet, now that […]

Science behind Global Warming evaporates


What happens to AB-32, CARB, Plan Bay Area, and SB-1, when the science on which Global Warming is based goes “poof?” Isn’t that judicially actionable? If there is no scientific basis for Alarmist claims, then the entire raison d’etre for activist screeching and Statist designs to turn the Bay Area into a Stalinist ant farm […]

Was Typhoon Haiyan caused by Global Warming?


We pray for those suffering from the damage of Typhoon Haiyam in the Philippines, but we chuckle at nitwits like George Clooney and other shrieking weather alarmists who blame global warming on severe weather events. Yet science fact shows that the last deadliest typhoon from the 1970s was blamed on Global Cooling!