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Amy Worth to run for 5th term on Orinda City Council


In a statement loaded with inconsistency and hypocrisy, Amy Worth, a member of the Orinda City Council, has filed to run for a fifth council term. First elected to the council in 1998 (and again in 2002, 2006, and 2010), Worth, in a recently published re-election statement, says, “I have spent my time in Orinda […]

Kumar opens Concord Council campaign

George Miller with Harmesh Kumar

I want to let all of you know that it is official that our race for Concord City Council is live. My Nomination Papers have been approved. The race is on. Please help me spread the message to win this election for all of you. There are so many strategies to grow one’s business in […]

Nehring smokes Newsom with Colorado Marijuana Legalization report

marijuana legalization colorado

California GOP Lt Governor candidate Ron Nehring is touting a new report on the impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado. The report details unacceptable increases in impaired driving, underage marijuana access and use, emergency room admissions and rising community costs. Nehring is flogging Democrat incumbent Lt Governor Gavin Newsom with the report, as Newsome has […]

Severson may not seek another Orinda Council term


Orinda City Council member, Sue Severson, has apparently given up seeking another council term. Severson, who is currently Orinda’s mayor, failed, according to well informed sources, to file re-election documents by the deadline of Friday, August 8. The position of mayor rotates among city council members. Severson, because she is an incumbent, is allowed an […]

Campaign tells how Sbranti, California Teachers Association smeared Steven Glazer

tim sbranti

Steven Glazer, an unsuccessful candidate for the California State Assembly (AD-16), is featured in a glossy, 16-page color brochure that criticizes the California Teachers Association (CTA). The brochure is entitled Anatomy of a Political Smear, and shows Glazer with a smeared face. The campaign against the political spending of the California Teachers Association was financed […]

Adam Foster favors bike and pedestrian byways

Bicycle paths in Barcelona

It was a relatively routine evening for the Concord City Council on April 8th 2014. During the public comment period community activists of all political persuasions gave their recommendations on saving the world including the place they called home. Among them could be found Adam Foster, who works by day in the Planning Division for […]

AACA: Support legislation that targets political corruption

Political donations and influence peddling by lobbyists and special interests are a big business and chief contributors to political corruption. Over $100,000 for each candidate for a local city council race, over $35 MILLION for our last group of state senators, almost $9 MILLION in the Feinstein/Emken race, and almost $1 BILLION spent by each […]

$90M Shake down: Richmond Council approves Chevron Modernization Plan


After years of contentious claims, unsubstantiated research, court orders, demonstrations, and legal fees, Richmond City Council didn’t get the shake down it wanted, but did get $90M and other costly guarantees it extorted from Chevron in quid pro quo before it approved  the Chevron Richmond Refinery Modernization Project. The project could finally move forward Tuesday after Chevron agreed to […]