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California Death Penalty ruled unconstitutional

California death penalty ruled unconstitutional

Federal Judge Cormac J. Carney ruled last week that the California Death Penalty is unconstitutional because it violated the 8th Amendment barring “cruel and unusual punishment.” He was right. My agreement with Carney, who is one of many jurists who oversteps their authority, might surprise some people as normally I stay on the right side of the […]

Time to end excessive benefits for Concord City Council

Concord City Council-2014

Help wanted: Part time, flexible hours, lifetime healthcare after 5 years of employment! Sound too good to be true? It SHOULD, but this is exactly what the members of the Concord City Council award the members of the Concord City Council. This sounds appropriate for dignitaries with entitlement issues, but it sure doesn’t sound right […]

Nothing is sustainable but lying to the public

Orinda Subsidized Housing

Call me crazy as I attempt to make sense of the purposeful confusion emitting from progressive forces that control government explanations for regional issues to national policy.  To enlist the support of the electorate ultra liberals use words like sustainable, affordable, walkable, fair share, living wage, and smart growth to sell their schemes to a gullible public. This […]

Low-income housing plan draws opposition in Orinda


Overwhelming opposition to plans to bring low-income housing to Orinda was expressed at a special workshop held in Orinda on Wednesday evening, July 9. At the workshop, which was sponsored by the City of Orinda, a crowd of over 100 people gathered at the Garden Room of the Orinda Public Library to learn about Orinda’s […]

Senator DeSaulnier defends myth of local planning at Town Hall

California State Senator Mark Desaulnier

Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord), at his recent Town Hall meeting told communities who believe they are losing local planning control they need not worry. In fact, DeSaulnier insisted that local governments are in charge of the redevelopment process under SB-1. Easy for him to say as DeSaulnier is headed to the next stop of his political career […]

California middle class under attack from government

california texes stress middle class

California’s middle class — a group made up largely of individuals earning between $50,000 and $100,000 per year — is becoming very angry. These middle-income folks generally work in mid-level jobs in banks, insurance companies, grocery stores, small businesses, government agencies, and other places. Basically, all middle-income people want is a home of their own, […]

Pulse of Concord Survey Results: Reforms in the Wind?

Pulse of Concord

Survey of Concord area residents in Spring 2014 covering views on lifetime medical coverage after 5 years on the city council, as well as perceptions and feelings on political restructuring of districts for the city and views of the US intervention in the Ukraine, noise in the neighborhood and radio interest.