My Memphis Belle

Memphis Belle, B-17

I have a new girlfriend. She is a movie star and worth over $5.5M. I went on a short ride with her around the East Bay Monday, and fell in love. Memphis Belle (N37O3G) is the actual B-17 used in the 1990 movie Memphis Belle, with Matthew Modine (available in Blue Ray in May). Her […]

Peaceful thoughts at a memorial service for a gay neighbor

wedding rings gay marriage

I recently attended the memorial service for a gay man.  A was my neighbor. He and his partner were neighbors and friends for a number of years. George was the President of our HOA and would ask my wife and I to help with issues that came up for the association. He was a conservative […]

Gay Marriage debate in California


Prior to moving over to Concord from my native San Francisco in 1979, those who knew me understood I was no homophobe. These credentials which included many gay friends and working on Harvey Milk’s losing supervisorial campaign, my street cred were never in question. A third of a century later things have not changed much. I still […]

Opposition to suicide lobby preying on Seniors at Concord Resource Fair


Local opposition to Suicide Lobby attendance at Concord Senior Resource Fair. February 20, 2014 TO: Ron Leone, Member Concord City Council FROM: Camille Giglio SUBJECT: Dis-inviting Compassion and Choices Org. appearance at Concord’s Senior Health Fair, Feb 28. A political activist lobby for suicide entitled Compassion and Choices, has been extended an invitation to participate […]

Bureaucrats want $20M to Fix Orinda Roads?

fix orinda roads

In a survey of Orinda voters commissioned by the Orinda City Council, “[s]even in 10 voters would initially support a $20 million bond measure” to fix Orinda roads (Lamorinda Weekly, Feb. 12). The results of the survey were presented to the city council on Feb. 4. The survey was conducted by the FM3 company, located […]