Teacher Unions outspend Baker 6-to-1 in California’s 16th Assembly primary

teachers unions stand against education reform in California

With the underperforming public school system in California under intense scrutiny, teachers have been criticized of late for their collective job performance. A frustrated public has unfairly blamed teachers for the failure of children to learn who have been brought up by Game Boy, Nintendo, Twitter, and Facebook, more than their from the tutelage of their […]

Reflections on the 2014 California Primary election

California Primary 2014

As I review the results of the California Primary election from my perspective as a Republican, I am thinking: For Governor, Republicans followed William F. Buckley’s election rule for conservatives: “Vote for the most conservative candidate THAT CAN WIN”. Although former Minuteman and current Tea Party member Tim Donnelly led in Republican  polls for Governor before the […]

Uncontested elections in Contra Costa defeats democracy

uncontested election

Uncontested elections for offices in Contra Costa County appeared throughout the June 3 Primary ballot. This sad circumstance begs the question…What’s the difference between the election to replace retiring George Miller in Congress compared to what goes on in the so called “democratic” systems of Russia, China, and Cuba?  The answer is very little. These totalitarian regimes offer voters […]

Why Democrat Steve Glazer lost bid for Assembly (AD-16)

Special interest funding fuels Steve Glazer campaign for California AD-16

Harry Truman once said: “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.” What President Truman said applies to Democrat Steve Glazer, a member of the Orinda City Council, who, in the June 3 primary, ran for a seat in the […]

16th Assembly race is pivotal for California GOP, local Democrats

AD-16-debate-johnny huang 360

At their far from elegant “no host cocktail” inspired election night soiree held at the San Ramon Country Club, Contra Costa Republican Chairwomen Becky Koleberg had reason to be ecstatic.  For the first time in several years, the local GOP actually had something to celebrate. Republican candidate Catharine Baker won a plurality in the highly contested […]

Interview: Ron Nehring, candidate for California Lieutenant Governor

Ron Nehring GOP candidate for California Lieutenenat Governor 2014

Here’s a short version. Below is a longer version, as Halfway To Concord interviewed Ron Nehring, a GOP candidate for Lieutnenant Governor, on a variety of issues facing California; starting with: H2C: What’s up with status of the office of Lieutenant Governor in California? The Lieutenant Governor office varies state-by-state. In Texas you’re more powerful […]

California Association of Realtors strong-arm tactics for Glazer campaign in AD-16 riles East Bay agents

Jerry Brown, Steve Glazer

Numerous reports from East Bay realtors state that they are receiving strong arm calls from representatives of the California Association of Realtors (CAR) promoting Steven Glazer‘s campaign for the 16th Assembly District race. Realtors are told they should vote for Glazer, a Democrat, because he supports “realtors issues,” and that a Republican cannot win the […]

Vote June 3, then run for office or support those that do


As we rapidly approach the June primary, this article is dedicated to those people who work and sacrifice for and contribute to the candidates and issues that are the foundations of our lives.  Having worked for many candidates in the past several years. And I am in awe of those who run for office, them […]