Democratic Party endorsements for Concord City Council far from unanimous


Dr. Harmesh Kumar, is not especially happy with the Democratic Party these days.  Following interviews with all candidates for the three open slots for Concord City Council, he was not endorsed by their Central Committee. Kumar felt such recognition was owed him given his record of public service as sponsor of the Diversity Festival, being […]

CNWS Neighborhood Alliance announces support for Hoffmeister, Kumar, Trublood for Concord City Council

Ron Leone campaign sign touting role in keepng open space for Concord Naval Weapons Station

The Concord Naval Weapons Neighborhood Alliance  (CNWS-NA) announced in an email to supporters today that it has endorsed the following Concord City Council Candidates: Incumbent Laura Hoffmeister, and challengers Dr Ramesh Kumnar, and Brent Trublood. Dear CNWS Neighborhood Alliance member, The Concord Naval Weapons Station Neighborhood Alliance has chosen the campaign theme ‘We support Honesty’ in the November […]

Supervisor Gioia, West County school employees back Mister Phillips for school board

Mister Phillips debates Supervisor Gioia. Photo Courtesy Richmond Confidential

Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia has endorsed Mister Phillips for the West Contra Costa Unified School District Governing Board. Phillips said about the endorsement, “I am truly humbled by his magnanimity. He is a big man.” Phillips challenged Gioia for county supervisor in 2010. View Mister Phillips’ other endorsements at The West Contra […]

Joy Delepine: GOP candidate from Right Field


On June 3, 2014 Assemblywomen Susan Bonilla (D-Concord), Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson, and Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, had every reason to be confident when they entered the voting booths in their neighborhood polling places. All were running unopposed for re-election. In these races, the general consensus among political pundits was that the high cost […]

Orinda: Paradise Lost


Once known as a quiet community with excellent schools, a very a low-crime rate, and a semi-rural environment, Orinda has changed dramatically in the last decade. Is Orinda’s new name to be “Paradise Lost?” Today’s Orinda has several new, controversial real-estate developments that, once completed, will in all likelihood make the city’s schools overcrowded and […]

Contra Costa Democratic Party faces tough choices


Harmesh Kumar, Brent Trueblood, and Adam Foster have a few things in common. All are active in the Contra Costa Democratic Party and pass the litmus test as liberal “progressives”. More importantly, they are candidates for the three open City Council seats in Concord this November. It is no secret that each of these men feels […]

Mayoral candidate smears For Richmond community group


Recently, For Richmond was unwillingly drawn into Richmond mayoral race discussion via a mass email distributed by candidate and city councilman Tom Butt. In an Aug. 18 alert to his e-forum, Butt decried Chevron-funded billboards supporting his political opponent and fellow councilman Nat Bates. Butt also claimed: “If Bates weren’t already close enough to Chevron, […]

Richmond imitates Chicago

Team Richmond 2014.

Recently I wrote about the corruption that will come as a result of the City of Richmond extortion of Chevron to fund dozens of questionable social service programs. Luck has it that the Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on a similar program in the City of Chicago. That’s right, Richmond, the Chicago of […]

Amy Worth to run for 5th term on Orinda City Council


In a statement loaded with inconsistency and hypocrisy, Amy Worth, a member of the Orinda City Council, has filed to run for a fifth council term. First elected to the council in 1998 (and again in 2002, 2006, and 2010), Worth, in a recently published re-election statement, says, “I have spent my time in Orinda […]