Senator DeSaulnier defends myth of local planning at Town Hall

California State Senator Mark Desaulnier

Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord), at his recent Town Hall meeting told communities who believe they are losing local planning control they need not worry. In fact, DeSaulnier insisted that local governments are in charge of the redevelopment process under SB-1. Easy for him to say as DeSaulnier is headed to the next stop of his political career […]

Healthcare in California at crossroads

Covered California

I recently wrote about Doctor’s Hospital being our “Canary in the Coalmine”, foreshadowing the financial death of Progressive government in California. But the issue is just another instance of the larger question of healthcare in California. Indeed, Health care in California is coming to the front of the stage. For instance, the Contra Costa Times, […]

Why Republicans lose elections: Triggers, social justice, and frogs

Frog in hot water

I’m going to tel you Why Republicans lose elections. But first, this just in from popular culture. Did you know that “trigger warnings” are the new hot item in politically correct cultures, especially in California. An outgrowth of feminist dogma and politically correct speech, trigger warnings warn people that they may be offensive or are […]

California small business owners dodge two bullets

california small business

California small business owners have released a sigh of relief after two potentially destructive bills, SB-935 and SB-1021 were defeated June 25, in the California Senate. SB 935 (Leno) would amend Section 1182.12 of the Labor Code, relating to wages and would have increased California’s minimum wage to $13.00 per hour in the next three […]

AB-2145 – California Senate Committee guts energy consumer protections

AB-2145 protects California energy consumers

On June 24,  the California Senate Energy Committee rejected a section of AB-2145 that guarantees energy consumer protections from local government agencies that try to draft residents willy-nilly into some community power scheme without their consent. Imagine getting a letter from your City Council stating it has decided to set up a community power scheme that allows them to […]

California State Senator DeSaulnier pumps SB-1 sunshine at Town Hall meeting

redistribution of wealth urban tenements

No one can question the tenacity or determination of Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) to answer all questions from an often hostile audience at a recent Town Hall meeting in Walnut Creek. The topic of discussion, Sustainable Communities, guaranteed a polarized group of spectators would be venting their opinions on how the State of California “housing element” would […]

Teacher Unions outspend Baker 6-to-1 in California’s 16th Assembly primary

teachers unions stand against education reform in California

With the underperforming public school system in California under intense scrutiny, teachers have been criticized of late for their collective job performance. A frustrated public has unfairly blamed teachers for the failure of children to learn who have been brought up by Game Boy, Nintendo, Twitter, and Facebook, more than their from the tutelage of their […]

California law to ban plastic bags will not protect environment or reduce litter

California laws to ban plastic bags

We’ve posted about the California legislature’s latest questionable environmental regulation du jour to ban plastic bags and allow groceries, eateries, and other stores to charge fees for paper bags here and here. The idea behind SB 270, introduced by State Senator Alex Alex Padilla (D-San Fernando Valley), is that this will benefit the environment and reduce municipal costs. But […]

Unsustainable California: A Primer

unsustainble california

California Common Sense has published its newest report, “Unsustainable California: The Top 10 Issues Facing the Golden State. Authors include Adam Tatum, Autumn Carter, Madhu Ravi, and Davina Kaldani, assisted by editors Kimberly Ang and Gwendolyn Holst. The thesis of the report is that despite the propaganda presented to us by elected officials and friendly media of a […]