Science behind Global Warming evaporates


What happens to AB-32, CARB, Plan Bay Area, and SB-1, when the science on which Global Warming is based goes “poof?” Isn’t that judicially actionable? If there is no scientific basis for Alarmist claims, then the entire raison d’etre for activist screeching and Statist designs to turn the Bay Area into a Stalinist ant farm […]

Shop San Ramon First website offers local online directory


The City of San Ramon’s “Shop San Ramon First” initiative is designed to create connections between local businesses and residents. The new Shop San Ramon First website has an interactive directory where visitors will be able to find coupons, look at menus, ask questions, find store hours, map out the business location, and more.

Property rights on the moon key to exploration?

property rights on the moon

Entreprenuer Robert Biglelow thinks establishing property rights on the moon could be the key to future exploration. The hotel and real estate tycoon, and founder of Bigelow Aerospace, based in Las Vegas, NV, believes the right to own what one discovers on the moon is the incentive needed for private enterprise to commit massive amounts […]

Was Typhoon Haiyan caused by Global Warming?


We pray for those suffering from the damage of Typhoon Haiyam in the Philippines, but we chuckle at nitwits like George Clooney and other shrieking weather alarmists who blame global warming on severe weather events. Yet science fact shows that the last deadliest typhoon from the 1970s was blamed on Global Cooling!

Update for November 2013

magazine pro

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Cloud Computing for your business, Oct 24

cloud computing seminar

Cloud Computing is a hot topic, today. But what is Cloud Computing? And how should businesses implement it, espceically for business continuity?How does it affect your business decisions regarding to technology? What are the pros and cons of moving to the “cloud”? Here’s a hint: You’re already there! In this Executive Lunch’n’Learn event, learn more about […]

How the media revolution has influenced electoral politics


Remember the Maine? This jingoistic rally cry reminded American warmongers of the US Naval battleship that mysteriously blew up in Havana Harbor in 1898. Despite unknown causes of this explosion, the sensationalized yellow press, at the time controlled by newspaper magnates William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, insisted in their respective publications that the Spanish […]

Tesla Model S outsells Buick, Lincoln, Porsche in California


An article in Slate reports that June sales Tesla Motors (Palo Alto, CA) Model S Electric Car manufactured in Fremont, CA, outsold Buick, Lincoln, Porsche, Volvo, and Cadillac—and far outsold Jaguar and Land Rover combined. On a year-to-date basis, through June, Tesla has sold more vehicles in California than Land Rover, Jaguar, Lincoln, Volvo, or […]