Network security for your business, Luncheon Mar 18


Network Security for your business – Strategies and Methods When: March 18th, 11:30AM -1:00PM (11:00 checkin/networking) Where: Club Sport Fremont, 46650 Landing Parkway, Fremont In the modern Information Age, it’s more important than ever to keep your business’ Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure protected from attack and disasters. The same technologies that make inter-network communication so […]

California fusion research facility produces promising results


The National Ignition Facility’s (NIF), laser fusion project based at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, announced it has completed a test that produced more energy output than energy input, a big step from the five year old facility. NIF scientists claim the energy yield was 10 times greater than previous attempts and demonstrates the […]

Settled Science? Alarmist global warming models highly suspect


A new paper published in Science finds “the radiative forcing (that is, the perturbation to Earth’s energy budget) caused by human activities is highly uncertain, making it difficult to predict the extent of global warming,” and calling into question global warming models. One of several reasons for this high uncertainty of the claims of the anthropogenic global warning alarmists […]

Cause of the Pause in Global Warming is no mystery


While the consensus, if there ever really was one, that the apocalypse of man-made global warming was settled science has served to fool the masses and media for two decades now, it has become clear that there is no settled science. Even alarmists offer half a dozen or more theories settled science?). Yet, now that […]

Migrate from XP before it’s too late


Clare Computer Solutions (Clare), a San Francisco Bay Area business technology service provider offering computer network support, IT consulting and on-demand IT services, is advising businesses to develop a plan to migrate from XP to Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft will no longer support the Windows XP operating system (OS) after April 8, 2014.

Cryptolocker ransomware prevention is no joke


Cryptolocker is a type of malware known as “ransomware”. If your computer becomes infected with it, it will encrypt most of your files, and you’ll get a message demanding you pay some amount to get the key to decrypt them. Seriously. This is no hoax, explains Bruce Campbell, President of San Ramon based Clare Computer […]

Science behind Global Warming evaporates


What happens to AB-32, CARB, Plan Bay Area, and SB-1, when the science on which Global Warming is based goes “poof?” Isn’t that judicially actionable? If there is no scientific basis for Alarmist claims, then the entire raison d’etre for activist screeching and Statist designs to turn the Bay Area into a Stalinist ant farm […]

Shop San Ramon First website offers local online directory


The City of San Ramon’s “Shop San Ramon First” initiative is designed to create connections between local businesses and residents. The new Shop San Ramon First website has an interactive directory where visitors will be able to find coupons, look at menus, ask questions, find store hours, map out the business location, and more.

Property rights on the moon key to exploration?

property rights on the moon

Entreprenuer Robert Biglelow thinks establishing property rights on the moon could be the key to future exploration. The hotel and real estate tycoon, and founder of Bigelow Aerospace, based in Las Vegas, NV, believes the right to own what one discovers on the moon is the incentive needed for private enterprise to commit massive amounts […]