1,400 listen in as Chevron outlines plans Richmond Refinery Modernization Project


Richmond residents had a chance to learn more about the proposed Chevron Richmond Refinery Modernization Project during Chevron Richmond’s second-ever telephone town hall held last week. Nearly 1,400 residents participated in the telephone town hall concerning the $1 billion-dollar Chevron Richmond Reinfery Modernization Project investment to create a newer, safer, cleaner Richmond Refinery. A recently […]

Prop 13 end run: Businesses oppose SB 1021 proposed changes to School District taxation law

Was tax day good for you?

The California legislature is fiddling with Proposition 13 again. Hearings will be held Wednesday, Apr 9 on  SB 1021. SB 1021, from State Senator Lois Wolk, applies only to school district parcel taxes imposed in the future; the measure contains “no inference” language that directs courts to adjudicate cases similar to Borikas under the law in place […]

Antioch Autozone vote shows city is open for business


The Antioch City Council made a fairly bold statement at the March 25 council meeting when on 5-0 vote overturned a decision by the Planning Commission. At issue was an appli­cant’s request to build the third Antioch Autozone store on half-acre lot that has sat idle for a long time along Lone Tree Way. This […]

Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich goes to Proposition 8 hell

brendan eich in proposition 8 hell

UPDATE: Eich resigns as CEO of Mozilla. See the Mozilla surrender message. If you think the Tech industry in California is immune to religious-political culture war, you are sorely mistaken. Check out the conflagration around Firefox and anti Proposition 8 zealots. See what’s happened to Brendan Eich, creator of the Javascript programming language, who has been recently named […]

U.S. sues PG&E for 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion deaths

san bruno pipeline explosion

PG&E Corp. (PCG), owner of California’s largest utility, was charged with 12 pipeline safety violations by the U.S. government for a 2010 natural gas explosion that killed eight people in San Bruno, California. The criminal case comes three and half years after the explosion in San Bruno, a city with 42,000 residents about 12 miles (19.3 […]

Black Diamond Brewery enjoys 20th Anniversary celebration

black diamond brewery celebrates 20th year

Music, food , laughter, beer, and fun filled the air for the Black Diamond Brewery 20th Anniversary  celebration held Saturday March 22nd at their Concord Facility. Black Diamond Brewery enjoys 20th Anniversary celebration Hundreds of people attended this event which went on all day with several bands performing and eager patrons drinking some old and […]