Can a Tequila Party challenge Dems and GOP in California?

Just as the Tea Party has challenged the brain-dead GOP establishment nationally and here in Contra Costa, there is a rising interest in a Tequila Party for Hispanics, who tired of being vilified by Republicans blathering about “branding” and ignored by Democrats. See the Latino Politics blog for an update.

This same story got the attention of some Republican bloggers as well.

Despite the ugly stereotypes, the problem in California is that both Democrats and whatever’s left of the Republican Party in California, are more worried about feathering their own nests and not actually serving their membership or making California a better place to live. Both dinosaurs just want to get or stay in power to enjoy the perks of power, even if it kills us.

Following the lead of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro, the only meaningful electoral reform beyond fair redistricting for both California state-wide and federal seats, would be to introduce Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) statewide so alternatives to machine politics and special interests have a chance.

Both Democrats and Republicans should jump at the chance to carry this banner in California to stake its claim on true reform in California. But they won’t, because true reform is not what they are after, which is a leg up on manipulating the current electoral system.


  1. Milan Moravec says

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    Senator Desaulnier agrees that Cal Chancellor Birgeneau continue to actively recruit outside California to achieve minority/diversity goals at Cal,

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