Californians for Natural Rights Oppose AB 1934; Senate hearing June 22

Californians for Natural Rights, a San Francisco Bay Area political association, is the latest addition to a growing list of organizations who have registered opposition to Assemblymember Lori Saldaña’s reactionary legislation AB 1934, which would ban citizens’ Constitutional Second Amendment right to lawfully openly carry an unloaded firearm in the State of California. See details and link concerning Senate hearing June 22.


AB 1934 is set for a hearing before the Senate Committee on Public Safety next Tuesday, June 22nd. The bill will face resistance in the Senate where a number of Democrats support individual rights and consistently vote in favor of gun rights.

Californians for Natural Rights – Letter to Senate Committe on Public Safety


  1. Tom Fugate says

    I’m wondering if ab1934 will prohibit carrying a side arm while hunting on public land? I’ve tried the NRA but no response.

  2. gjashley says

    The reactions this issue arises amazes me, just try to open carry in front of me and my children and watch for mine.

    ~ EDITOR NOTES — Your comment proves your point, that’s for sure!

  3. Thomas says

    I hope the bill will go down in flames, just like Lori Saldana’s political career!

  4. Mom with a gun says

    This is a very interesting issue from both sides. I stand in opposition to this bill and will continue to oppose this bill as it seeks to create a new class on criminals which will create additional expenses and impact to our police services in a negative way. Education is the key, not regulation.