California education establishment rally for higher taxes, Oct 10

Tom Torlakson, Delaine Easton, and the Mt Diablo education Association, just some of the players that have made it their life’s work to fight against any meaningful school reform in California, will lead a rally for Proposition 30 at Todos Santos Plaza, in Concord Ca, beginning at 5:00 p.m. The rally which is billed as “We Unite for Education,” will be joined by back-bench cheerleaders including Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, and other sycophants of union owned and operated public education. Unfortunately, Proposition 30 has already failed, if not yet at the ballot box, but in its failure to address California’s spiraling debt crisis. See flyer below.


  1. Edi Birsan says

    At the rally in Todos Santos there was an appearance by DA Mark Peterson who spoke to the crowd and described himself as a life long Republican but who is in favor of Prop 30 as a ‘good tax’ .

  2. Bruce R, Peterson, Lafayette says

    I keep running into nice people who went to Catholic schools. Not because they are Catholic, but because they receive a better education. I wonder when people will wise up & privatize schools? Have some competition. I’ve talked to bright children who call the public school system, “Public Brainwashing”

    • Voter26 says

      I agree Bruce. There is no incentive or competition among the schools. You can bet if ever a voucher system is established that some schools will fall immediately while others would prosper and probably have more money than they need. Prop 30 is just another bureaucratic wasteful tax for their incompetence. No accountability for non productive teachers and staff creates failure. Fix that and the rest will follow. This does not take money just better management.