Cal State East Bay moves to Concord Naval Weapons Station

The Board of Trustees of the State University System will vote today to move the Concord Campus of California State University East Bay to the former Navy property at the Concord Naval Weapons Station. The move is hailed as a “world class” win-win-win-win by the students, the university, the City of Concord, and local leaders.

Cal State Student Body President John Smith praised the decision as a cost cutting measure for the student community. Smith said, “With the high cost of gasoline and the general isolation of the Ygnacio Valley Road campus, a move next to the North Concord BART Station will reduce the need for student to drive their parents’ cars to school.”

University officials issued a press release lauding this opportunity to have an urban campus to meet the needs of the student body as the UC System balances the lack of jobs with the lack of courses needed for graduation. In addition, the more central location will provide easy access to training opportunities for the students to practice civil disobedience at an under-utilized BART station while protesting the increased fees for recreational sports facilities.

The City of Concord has looked for some time to have a major tenant at the former weapons station as a draw for a diverse, yet rich, dynamic, and multiuse parcel that has occupied planning staff, developer lobbyist friends of Helen Allen, and city council for over three years.

Concord Mayor Guy Bjerke, said, “What better use of this limited land area than a university steeped in academic tradition, poised for research excellence, and a generator of high end jobs in our global economy.” The Mayor did not respond to requests for maps showing the placement of the campus at the weapons station, and did not confirm or deny the location of a 75,000 seat professional football stadium painted in Black and Silver, as a buffer next to the existing North Concord residential community.

Community leaders, county supervisors, and public employee union representatives were unified in their praise for a public process that generated a community consensus in such a timely fashion. Ground breaking is expected on July 1, 2010 following the passage of a balanced state budget.


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    What was the first clue? The author being “April Fool” or the posting date of April 1?