Self-driving vehicles to be tested at Concord Naval Weapons Station

Mercedes Benz to test self-driving vehicles and Concord Naval Weapons Station

In a new plan announced by the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority in cooperation with the City of Concord the, US Navy, and Mercedes Benz, the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) will become a test site for testing self driving vehicles. The paved, city-like roadway grids at CNWS is an ideal site for testing self-driving […]

NFL image takes hit from player off field violence

The NFL gets its game face on following Ray Rice video

When we look at from where moral authority emanates in our society today we see a decline from traditional sources such as the President of the United States, clergy, or those who have devoted their lives to helping the disadvantaged. Strangely enough this void has been filled of late largely by professional sports franchises who have encouraged […]

Happy ending for California Massage Therapy Act

California Massage Therapy Act

Assemblywoman Bonilla’s AB 1147 (D-Concord), the Massage Therapy Act, is now on its way to Governor Brown’s desk after being approved today by the Assembly with a 72-0 vote. The Massage Therapy Act overhauls California’s existing massage therapy law to address problems with businesses engaging in illegal activities. The new massage therapy act gives local […]

Monument Democratic Club forms in Concord

Monument Democratic Club forms

Concord resident George Fulmore has announced the formation of a Monument Democratic Party club in the Monument community of Concord. The Monument Democratic Club would be one of many Democratic clubs in Contra Costa County that is under the auspices of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. The focus of the Monument Democratic Club […]

Deep political fault lines in Orinda, once a sleepy California village


Orinda, California, a city of high-income residents nestled in hills 15 miles east of San Francisco, is about to have one of the most bitter and hard-fought elections in its 30-year history. There are three open seats on the Orinda City Council, and six candidates are vying for these openings. Over the last decade, Orinda […]

Doing business in California costs 19% more


Doing business in California is much more expensive than in other states, according to a recently released report. The California Foundation for Commerce and Education (CFCE), has found that “California businesses on the average have 19% higher operating costs per job than businesses in the rest of the country . . . ” CFCE findings […]

Newspapers in decline

newspaper internet

What would our civilization be like without newspapers? Your leisurely breakfast with a cuppa joe  while reading the important news of the day might become a relic of the past. As sad as it might be, this day may soon be approaching. Dwindling readership and advertising revenues have put many formidable newspapers out of business with others […]

Bitch Fest Summer 2014: 16 local and regional gripes

bitch bitch bitch oakland coliseum

Pointing out what really matters and things that just bug us has proven to be effective in getting rid of un-needed anxiety. Such catharsis helps us avoid expensive and unnecessary trips to see therapists to sort out one’s problems. So for my own mental health, here is my Bitchfest for Summer 2014. These are my Sweet 16 […]

John Muir CEO discusses proposed regional health care network

john muir medical centers receives high marks

UCSF Medical Center and John Muir Health have signed a letter of intent to create a Bay Area health care network intended to provide patients with high quality care and an exceptional experience at an affordable price. A final agreement is expected by the end of 2014. Under the proposed agreement both UCSG and John […]