ILWU monopoly must end

ILWU monopoly at U.S. ports

The ILWU monopoly on labor at the country’s ports gives it the power to strangle the U.S. economy. The ILWU monopoly power must be broken.

Gridlock at West Coast ports

Gridlock at West Coast ports

The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) says gridlock at West Coast ports was caused as International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union (ILWU) withheld essential workers. The Longshoreman claim management reduced night shift work.

Chevron to close Concord facility by 2016


Chevron recently announced internally to its Bay Area employees that it is set to close its Concord facility and relocate employees to the San Ramon in 2016. The particulars of the announcement are bulleted below. According to Chevron sources: Details for Chevron Concord facility closure Chevron consistently evaluates and optimizes the company’s office space portfolio to meet […]