Buchanan v Wilson: Walnut Creek Sunrise Rotary hosts AD-15 candidate forum, Sept 28

The Walnut Creek Sunrise Rotary Club is hosting its second candidates debate. Please join Democrat Assemblymember Joan Buchanan (AD-15) and GOP challenger Mayor Abram Wilson (San Ramon) for a debate on the issues in the 15th Assembly District. The doors will open at 6:45 and breakfast will commence shortly thereafter. The debate will start around 7:15 and will conclude by 8:30 a.m. Cost is $15.00 for a full buffet breakfast. Please RSVP at Sunrise Rotary Website.


  1. says

    Wilson came across in the debate as earnest and forthright, in contrast to Buchanan who appeared to be an entrenched bureaucrat and an apologist for the present state of affairs in the State.
    The inane prepared questions from the Rotarians seemed to have popped out of a time capsule from 2007. In other words, the questions were of the middle of the road liberal variety we were all too familiar with just a short time ago.