Bay Area Citizens files legal challenge against Plan Bay Area

Bay Area Citizens, an environmental group based in Lafayette, California, is suing the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). The suit challenges government social engineering plans to reduce use of private automobiles via punitive policies and velvet-gloved threats of economic sanctions against local communities to herd future residents into high-rise apartments built near “transit hubs” in urban cores.

A court date of June 12, 2014, has been set for a lawsuit filed to prevent San Francisco Bay Area regional governmental agencies from proceeding with plans to regulate driving and alter housing patterns.

ABAG bay area planning directorsMTC and ABAG are regional governmental agencies that have the power to regulate transportation and housing matters in Bay Area cities. MTC and ABAG are the sponsors of Plan Bay Area, a scheme to reduce the use of motor vehicles and to attract people to high-rise, high-density (stack-and-pack) housing. On July 18-19, 2013, MTC and ABAG voted to proceed with Plan Bay Area.

According to plaintiffs (Bay Area Citizens), Plan Bay Area mandates “that 80% of all new Bay Area housing units over the next 30 years be high density transit oriented developments in crowded and urban and suburban city centers.”

According to a May 9 press release from Bay Area Citizens, Plan Bay Area contains “profound flaws.” The press release says Plan Bay Area contains . . . “coercive, unworkable policies . . .” Bay Area Citizens calls Plan Bay Area a “. . . chillingly, draconian regional plan.”

Orinda Subsidized HousingIn its press release, Bay Area Citizens states that it is opposed to corporate and financial interests using the power of regional, state, and federal government agencies to crush cities into submission to achieve uneconomic and unwanted goals and outcomes that the residents would not choose for themselves without this coercion and intimidation.”

The case will be heard in Judge Evilio Grillos’ courtroom, Department 31, at the Rene C. Davidson (Alamedas County) Courthouse at 1:30 P.M.. Thursday, June 12, 2014.

The boards of directors of MTC and ABAG are not elected directly by voters. The directors are chosen from a pool of locally elected officials amenable to unaccountable regional planning based on specious assumptions. Amy Worth, chairperson of MTC, was not elected to her MTC position by popular vote. Worth was elected by popular vote to her seat on the Orinda City Council.

Similarly, the new head of ABAG, Julie Pierce, was not elected directly by voters to her ABAG job. Pierce is an elected member of the Clayton City Council.

In its press release, Bay Area Citizens says: ” . . . when you receive your city’s new and higher housing mandates and suffer grievously under their weight and punitive nature, presumably you will remember how these came about and who was responsible for helping ABAG do this do you.”

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