Stop Attack on Prop 13 in Antioch

Antioch_California_Amtrak_Station_2Yet another sneaky attack on Prop 13, this time in Antioch. A group called Evolve-CA from San Francisco, CA is trying to pass a resolution in Antioch to weaken Prop 13 with the end goal of eliminating it. Evolve-CA will present a resolution to push its attack on Prop 13 at the Antioch Unified School District meeting, Wednesday, December 18, at 7pm 510 G Street in Antioch, CA. These are the same astroturf, leftwing, outside agitators from San Francisco that tried the same end-run on attack on Prop 13 in El Cerrito last month and failed. The resolution will appear on Agenda Item 18: Items for Discussion.

Why Stop the Attack on Prop 13 in Antioch?

Voters approved Prop 13 by a 63% vote in 1978 from increasing property taxes that threatened the existence of small business and the ability of families to stay in their homes. A recent PPIC poll shows that 61% of Californians support Prop 13. Prop 13 sets a 1% property tax rate and limited increases to no more than 2% per year. It set property valuation at its purchase price and provided stability to a volatile tax structure. A “split roll” property tax would raise property taxes by $6 billion according to a Pepperdine Study. The study found that the cost to the Californian economy would total $71.8 billion of lost output and 396,345 lost jobs over the first five years of a split roll property tax. Increased property taxes would damage small business owners who have to lease commercial property.

For more info/flyers on Prop 13 go to:

Help Stop the Attack on Prop 13

       1  Show up at the 7pm meeting, Wednesday, Dec 18th to urge local school board members to protect Prop 13 and not pass the resolution to weaken Prop 13 which appears on Agenda Item 18, Items for Discussion.

2.      2 If you can not show up, please contact Antioch Unified School District Superintendent Donald Gill and Members of the Antioch Unified School Board to protect Prop 13 and not pass the resolution that weakens and destroys Prop 13 which appears on Agenda Item 18, Items for Discussion.


Donald Gill, [email protected]

Tel: 925-779-7500 x 51000

Stop the attack on Prop 13 or lose your seat!

School Board Members of Antioch Unified School District:

Tel: 925-779-7500

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  1. Guest says

    you are wrong. Even anti-tax groups admit that business property is assessed at only 60% of full market value: “On average, as the anti-tax California Taxpayers Assn. acknowledges, business property was assessed at only about 60% of its full market value as recently as 2006-07, down from a recent peak of more than 87% in 1994-95.”

    How is it fair in a “free market” for one business to pay lower taxes just beccause they bought a property on a different date? That sounds like an arbitrary unfair competative advantage to me.

  2. says

    I contacted the School Board and stated I am against Evolve-CA push to weaken Prop.13.
    I hear back from only one member – Diane Gibson Gray thanking me for comment. A reporter from the Times emailed me – it’s only a presentation not a resolution. I also heard from a friend that the Superintendent told her a board member put it on the agenda. I then emailed Diane Gibson Gray again asking who that board member was. No reply to date.

  3. Pete says

    First, I’d bet that there aren’t a lot of commercial properties being taxed on 1970′s values.

    Second, an ever growing chunk of our property tax bill is for bonds, parcel taxes, and special districts. These are assessments that are imposed on commercial property by the vote of the public. (We also impose some of the highest, if not the highest, corporate income taxes in the country.)

    The power to tax is the power to destroy and the people of California have done a great job of taxing themselves out of jobs.

    We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. There will never be enough money for the progressives to spend.

    So, let’s eliminate the costly boondoggles like high speed rail and the Delta Tunnels and better manage our spending before we give corporations another reason to relocate to Texas or another business friendly state.

  4. Guest says

    Prop 13 should not apply to corporations or commercial property or second homes. It was passed to stop grandma from losing her house not to help corporations pay 1970s property taxes in 2013.