Assembly Democrats vote to not pay bills during California budget stalemate

One miffed reader sent this in: “Assembly Democrats on Saturday voted overwhelmingly to not allow a measure (AB24x3) to be heard that would allow the Sate of California to continue to pay its bills during the budget impasse. This demonstrates the hypocrisy of legislative Democrats. They can no longer blame Republicans for contractors and employees not getting paid, as they have refused to even discuss a measure that would have allowed the state to issue checks to school districts and vendors while the Big Five continue to debate the budget. But we all know that Democrats count on the teachers and the poor to come to the capitol to pressure Republicans to vote for the budget. And that doesn’t happen if the money continues to flow. So if you are a business owner who contracts with the state; a teacher or schoolboard member or a recipient of state aide who is waiting on the state to cut you a check STOP CALLING THE REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!! Assembly Speaker Karen Bass’ number is (916) 319-2047. Ask her why Democrats won’t let the state pay its bills”


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    I am a 62 year old man, I am also 100% disabled and due to s.s.i. and other stipulations I am not allowed to work. When the state is in budget talks, why does the state stop our payments? The State of California did that before gov. Arnold was elected it was common practice. The govenor said that it would not do that again. Now you are a month behind. We sure could not run our house like that. not paying your bills is one thing, But not paying people who can not work, is totally unfair and crule, We cannot work, even if there were jobs for us. Why are we and others in this situation always seem to be the fall guys for your political tempertrantum,