Are you prepared for Google’s new privacy rules effective March 1?

Didn’t think so. Gina Smith, writing at John Dvorak’s (El Cerrito) a New Domain explains Google’s new “Unified Privacy” policy. Google is staking its claim to your activity on line to (ahem) serve you better advertisements. See her post on how to clear your furtive YouTube viewing history with links to how to clear your Google Search History.

If you care, you better get er done, before the new regime takes affect, Thursday, March 1. Or it will be “I know what you watched last Summer!” And by the way…I hate Facebook, too!

But beware that you’ll have to do this for all Google services you belong to. According to Google, techniques described in Gina’s article will partially anonymize your data for 18 months — law enforcement will always have access to it, but after 18 months it’ll be mostly gone. But now you’ve cleared it before the March 1 deadline.