Will Mark DeSaulnier support Obama’s Anti Israel policy?

While world elites at Davos give Iranian President Rouhani a pass, the Obama Administration’s pro Iranian policy and its anti-Israel leaders in the U.S. Senate leadership has led to castigation of those who support Israel like U.S. Senators Mendendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL). In this disturbing context, it is a legitimate question to ask the presumptive successor of Rep George Miller (CA-11), will State Senator Mark DeSaulnier pursue an anti Israel policy like President Obama?

It’s an open secret that the American Left has declared season on Israel. According to Algemeiner, the fastest growing Jewish newspaper in the U.S.

The past few weeks have seen a nasty display of anti-Israel diatribes on virtually every front with the permission to go after Israel coming passively from the Obama Administration. From Secretary of State John Kerry we have heard that if Israel doesn’t embrace a peace agreement that would have them cede East Jerusalem and all of the West Bank, there will be a second Intifada, new boycotts against Israel, and the Jewish state’s increased isolation. Talk about negotiating with a gun to your head!

john-kerry-anti-israel-policyA virulent hatred of Israel has, for several years, been growing among left-wing groups and individuals and informs a growing anti Israel lobby in American politics. The BDS Movement launched in 2005, is a global movement to boycott, and urge sanctions against and divestment from Israel for its alleged crimes against forces dedicated to its destruction. Some European pension funds have stopped investing in Israel. Some corporations have canceled contracts with Israeli firms following calls from anti Israel policy from groups like BDS.

In his first term, President Barack Obama expanded his anti Israel policy, during a White House visit by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, became so enraged with Netanyahu during an Oval Office meeting that Netanyahu was told to leave by a White House side door. Normally, White House visitors can leave by the North Portico exit where members of the press are waiting.

Curiously, during his January 28, 2014, State of the Union address, Obama talked about ” . . . security for the state of Israel — a Jewish state that knows that America will always be at their side.”

According to The Economist (Feb. 8, 2014), “American secretary of state, John Kerry, rarely misses a chance to warn Israel that efforts to ‘delegitimize’ and boycott will increase if its [Israel's] government spurns his efforts to conclude a two-state settlement of its conflict with the Palestinians.”

DeSaulnier will be running in the June 3 California primary. At this point, DeSaulnier has not publicly commented on the BDS movement against Israel. DeSaulnier also has not publicly commented on Secretary Kerry’s remarks concerning the boycott against Israel.

Voters in the 11th Congressional District need to know if DeSaulnier supports an anti Israel policy or opposes economic sanctions against Israel.

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