American foreign policy in 2013: weakness and timidity

american-foreign-policyTimidity and weakness have been the hallmarks of American foreign policy in 2013. Syria, Iran, Israel, Ukraine, China illustrate America’s indecisiveness and weakness that eventually will place Americans themselves at risk of annihilation. Why isn’t President Obama standing up for the U.S. and American values? If Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger were making American foreign policy now, what would they be doing?

American foreign policy

Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. After saying that the use of such weapons was not to be tolerated, President Barack Obama did nothing to punish Syria militarily.

After weeks of Obama’s dithering, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to help America rid Syria of chemical weapons. With friends like Putin, who needs enemies?

Syria is closely tied to Iran. An American military blow against Syria might have sent a message to Iran to slow or stop the Iranian plan to develop nuclear weapons.

On Nov, 23, 2013, America, Iran, and other nations negotiated a deal with Iran. Sanctions against Iran were lessened. Iran pledged to halt aspects of its nuclear-development program.

Can America trust Iran? Since 1979, the year of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Iran has called the United States “the Great Satan.” From 1979 to 1981, over 50 Americans were held hostage in Iran. Only with the 1981 inauguration of President Ronald Reagan were the hostages freed.

Israel, America’s only true ally in the Middle East, is closer to destruction than at any time since 1948, the year of Israel’s founding. In 2005, the president of Iran called for “wiping Israel off the map.” With nuclear weapons delivered by guided missiles, Iran could demolish Israel within seconds.

Israel, a democracy, is a significant military contributor to America’s defense needs. Israel has an excellent intelligence-gathering system to monitor radical Islam, the same kind of Islam that attacked New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. Three thousand Americans died in that attack.

Israel has developed an “iron dome” capability to block the entrance of guided missiles into the Jewish state. Americans should ask themselves if their national security would be stronger or weaker if American-Israeli military cooperation did not exist.

On that same date, Nov. 23, 2013, China unilaterally announced the creation of an air-defense zone in a region of the Pacific Ocean where there is mineral wealth. China’s air-defense zone overlaps a similar zone that Japan has established.

Chinese imperialism is well known. China has taken over Tibet and will not allow Tibetans to have freedom. Now, China, with its menacing air-defense zone, appears to be threatening the freedom of Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Then, there is The Ukraine. In Nov. 2013, The Ukraine had an opportunity to form closer ties with the European Union. Instead, The Ukraine’s leader opted for a closer association with Russia. The United States, including its president, said and did nothing to assist freedom-seeking Ukrainians.

American foreign policy is sending a message to the rest of the world that America will not use its power to enhance freedom worldwide. The indecisiveness and weakness of American foreign policy and will eventually place Americans themselves at risk of annihilation.

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