AD 16 Democrat Candidate Forum report

On January 30, 2014 the Lamorinda Democratic Club in conjunction with the Young Democrat Club, hosted the three Democrats vying for the Assmebly seat that will be open because Joan Buchanan is termed out. The following is a summary as I saw it.

AD 16 Democrat Candidate Forum Report

Steve Glazier

1. Wants transit workers to be prevented from striking like Police and Firemen.

Steve-Glazer-Assembly2. When the question was asked about the 2/3rd rule for local taxes and the shift to 55% he appeared to be opposed. His response was almost word for word: “55% may pass the taxes but 100% have to pay for it.”

Supports Medical Marijuana but not out right legalization, wants to wait and see what happens in Colorado and Washington.

4. Opposes the Delta Tunnels

5. Not the clearest answer on the High Speed rail: We will eventually need an alternative such high speed rail, but he did not like the way this project is financed; there is not enough money to begin at this time.

6. Supports Brown’s veto of the Teacher Tenure reform bill implying that the bill did not go far enough.

7. He will make public online what he says to all groups (fundraising groups) in the answers to their questionnaires; He challenged the other candidates to do the same.

Newell Arnerich

1. Warns that if we prevent the BART form striking, we go to a system of binding arbitration which can be substantially worse in results.

newell-arnerich2. Did not discuss Medical Marijuana but says that we would need to create a whole series of bills to regulate it in the manner that we have alcohol, seems inclined to allow recreational use with high accountability, appears to see it as a gateway drug.

3. Opposes the Delta Tunnels

4. Opposes the High Speed rail as not the right time

5. Brings up record of Danville having 200% more efficiency than other cities. Will refuse outside district money and challenged the others to send back their donations from outside.

6. Says commercial property tax allows for tax revaluation through ownership shuffle. Recognizes that prop 13 on the residential side protects senior. Supports split roll.

7. In favor of reform of teacher tenure says no one guarantees private jobs.

8. Says he will not take money from outside the district.

Tim Sbranti

1. Feels that the transit strike was a rare occurrence he mentions that last one was 16 years ago. Is not inclined to ban it.

Tim Sbranti2. Talks about split roll for property tax

3. Opposes Delta tunnel project as presented but may be in favor of some sort of shifting of water to the valley farms

4. Supports Joan Buchanan’s revised bill on Teacher Tenure

5. Voted for High Speed Rail but feels that it should be on the back burner

6. He has seen lives ruined by marijuana; considers marijuana to be a gateway drug; wait and see what happens in Washington and Colorado

7. Says he is grassroots and his style is collaborative.

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  1. Richard Colman says

    These three candidates lack political courage. BART gets two tax subsidies: one from the sales tax; the other from the property tax. The sales tax in Concord, California, is 9.0%. Without the BART portion of the sales tax, the figure would be 8.5%. On a $1 million home, the 2012-2013 Contra Costa County property tax for BART was $43. For 2013-2014, the property tax is $75. This is an astounding 74% increase. Is there a candidate who will support privativization of BART? These three candidates ought to make their last two years of tax returns public. Will these candidates support reform of pensions for public employees? The unfunded liabilitiues associated with such pensions is $500 million to $1 trillion. The “split roll” property tax for commercial real estate will raise costs on employers. The result will be job loss.